About us


Welcome to the Law office of Flores & Co.

Flores & Co. LLP is the only full-service law firm located in southern Belize offering solutions to complex legal issues related to every aspect of transactional, maritime and commercial law. The firm is located in the tourism hub of the Placencia peninsula. Southern Belize is the fastest-growing region in the country and serves as the base of Belize’s productive sector, contributing more than 50% to the country’s GDP.

Flores & Co. LLP represents a wide range of local and international clients in both the public and private sectors. The firm prides itself in creating tailored solutions to client needs and works along with a network of attorneys in the United States, the United Kingdom, Jamaica and the Cayman Islands to provide maximum protection to clients in cross-border transactions.

We’ve Always Cherished the Three Pillars Which our Company has Always Stood Upon:

A Commitment to Excellence

A Passion for Justice

An urge for fair pricing

These three have proven to: Earn our clients’ trust with us; Build our reputation on a good soil: Attract individuals and businesses…